Terms of Services

  1. Policies
    1. Geekshells doesn't deliver any guarantees regarding our services towards shell users.
    2. Geekshells reserves the right to approve and/or deny applications as deemed necessary.
    3. Geekshells reserves the right to terminate members' accounts at any time for any reason without notice.
    4. Geekshells reserves the right to view its members' files, content, and network traffic to check for illegal and/or otherwise innapropriate materials. Please see section titled "Abuse" for further information regarding this.
    5. Geekshells reserves the right to report any illegal activity to the proper authorities.
    6. Geekshells reserves the right to alter this agreement at any time as deemed necessary.
    7. Banners and/or external advertisements are not permitted to be displayed on GeekShells user websites.
  2. Abuse
    1. Geekshells's services may not be used for illegal purposes. These include, but are not limited to:
      1. Hacking
      2. Cracking
      3. Denial of service
      4. Phishing
      5. Spamming
      6. Port scanning
      7. Vulnerability scanning
      8. Brute force attacks
      9. Pirated software or other data
      10. Pornography
    2. Other activities which are also prohibited include:
      1. IRC daemons (server itself, IRC clients are fine)
      2. Evading filtered ports to use IRC via IPv4
      3. Running a proxy in general
      4. Offering public services from your shell
  3. Other
    1. Excessive usage of resources will not be tolerated. This includes:
      1. CPU
      2. Bandwidth
      3. Memory
      4. Disk space
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