Frequent Asked questions

If your question is not in the list below, then please go to the support page and create a ticket, your question will be answered as soon as possible.

  1. Why do you only provide IPv6 connections to irc ?
  2. Will you ever provide IPv4 connections to irc ?
  3. Why do you provide these services for free ?
  4. I've noticed you talk about custom vhosts, what are those ?
  5. When I want a custom vhost, do I set my nameservers to your dns servers ?
  6. When I have a custom vhost, will other users be able to use it as well ?
  7. If everyone can use my vhosts, then how will I secure my vhosts on my bots ?
  8. Are there any conditions that I should meet when creating this vhost ?
  9. Will the webservices be banner-free ?
  10. How will I know which vhosts are at my disposal ?
  11. Will you share our personal info with any 3rd parties ?
  12. Can I run public services from my shell like share psybnc account or an ircd .. ?
  13. I can't connect to IRC why is that ?
  14. I have signed up but I havn't received an answer yet ?
  15. Why do you need our real information ?
  16. I notice you provide pre-compiled programs, does this mean I can't compile one of my own ?
  17. What do I do when I've lost my password ?