What does a donator get for his donation?

Please note that donators are required to make a minimum of a 10 euro donation or one hardware item to take advantage of the following privileges.

  • Donator will have the ability to connect to IPv4 servers.
  • Donator will receive a more disk quota.
  • Donator is not required to comply with free email addressing rule, as payment is a way of identification.

Looking for following hardware.

Since our systems are so old our power consumption is through the roof, in order to be a bit more environment friendly and being able to spend those funds else where, an alternative system was suggested, ..

If anyone would be able to provide, ..

Well, we take any kind of donations. Money, new/old hardware as well as books about programming and securing BSD systems. Name, address & bankinformation are below.

It's only fair that I inform you, due that old hardware usually consumes a lot of power, we are going to sell all donated hardware which can't be used on ebay, funds will be spend on new hardware, .. using this approach we were able to use 10 times less power.

Note that donations are not refundable.

Wouter Snels
Herdersstraat 4
2440 Geel, Belgium

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