Who are we ?

We're a community that have shared private shells for a long time, Today we're dedicated to provide free services to the general public. Unlike most providers we do provide limited IRC access by limited we mean only through IPv6 connectivity.

About our privacy policy

We strongly believe in protecting your personal data, which means not sharing the information we get through the sign up process or log information with anyone or any 3rd parties. Though in cases of abusive behavior towards others or within this community using this service, we will provide all possible information, to government, and any other authorised organisation.

In order to hold off abusive behavior, we only accept registrations from users who provide valid information consolidated with their ISP mail address or an mail address from a domain name of which they own. This information will be reviewed manually, so attempting to provide false information will only end up being denied or blacklisted.

Secure Socket Layer webpages

Since we're a non-profit community without any resources of income except for a few donators, we have decided to use a free CA provider for our https pages, in order to verrify the ssl certificates from this provider you will have to install their root certificates. You will be able to fetch these root certificates from the CAcert website.

Firefox web browser

This website is optimized for Firefox web browser.