Welcome to Geekshells

As the title says welcome to Geekshells. This service is offering free shells which allow you to run a pre compiled eggdrop, bnc or whatever and connect to an IPv6 network of your liking. Why not IPv4. Well at the moment I don't have sufficient funds to provide IPv4 for every user that might want to use an irc session. So instead of having people fight over the use of an IPv4 address, I just thought it would be fair to disable it for everyone.

So what do we offer for free

Note that these services are for free and that we can't guarantee anything but we will try to do our best, any realistic suggestion on expanding our services is welcome.

  1. Foreground processes: As many foreground processes as you want.
  2. Background processes: As many background processes as you want.
  3. IRC clients: Various pre compiled irc clients like Epic, BitchX, Irssi, ircII.
  4. IRC channel bots: Pre compiled eggdrop with ipv6 support.
  5. Disk quota: 10 MiB of shell quota which should be plenty, considering you can make use of precompiled binaries.
  6. MySQL database: Access to a personal database.
  7. Http services: You can also make use of our Apache webserver which will allow each user to have there own webpage and yes even cgi scripts are supported.
  8. Ftp services: Ftp access to your shell.
  9. Email services: IMAP & POP3 access, tho this is not to be used as bulk mail account.
  10. Free vhosts: All vhosts available on the shell and customized IPv6 vhosts on request.
  11. Unix Shell: All what a unix shell has to offer.
  12. Support: Free support.

Do you require to pay, no you don't everything on this site is free. However we do take donations. This is the only income to keep these services alive.